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•Destinations is a story about how four families become connected from one night at a swinging party. Secrets and lies unfold as we enter into the lives of Tamba Fengai from war torn Sierra Leone, to Libby high society middle England, to Leah a working class Jewish New Yorker , to Harriet seemingly the daughter of a white working middle class family in Shropshire.
Harriet Fitzgerald is made to face the reality of her identity when she is forced by her boyfriend to visit a black hair dresser to try and sort out her frizz. Faced with the fear that her mother may have had an affair, she is not prepared to discover that in actual fact neither of her parents are her real parents, she was adopted. And that she could possibly have a black parent.
Unable to face this reality, her boyfriend takes on the quest to search for her biological family and discovers more that what he had bargained for. Are they related, are they brother and sister?
The story is told through several narrators, the omniscient narrator tells the story of the African, biological father, the white biological mother, and her husband through different points of view.
The story of Harriet and her adoptive family is told in first person through the voice of Yaata the African Supreme Being, who has manifested as a domestic rubber plant. This Voice resonates with the issues of being uprooted, slavery and identity. 
This is a story about modern identity. How both black and white families can deal with children born out of bi racial relationships? How some Africans want to be rid of the curse of slavery for ever and perceive light skinned children as a reminder of this or indeed a curse. How some English families can not cope with this issue either, and will adopt a child out, and even bring a child up to believe it is white, if they can pass. It is also about the impact of the human greed for mining, and logging the land. 

  1. Debut novel is currently being adapted for a screen play - see books page.

  1. new poetic monologue


This is a 20 minute performance – with sound track. I use poetic forms like sonnets, couplets, villanelles and haiku’s to explore the taboos of sexual abuse in the parental home.


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